5 Factors to consider before purchasing a bridesmaid dress

The practices and traditions of Australian weddings are unique, and the bridesmaid dresses reflect that. A variety of styles and colours are worn by the bridesmaids, depending on the theme of the wedding. At a less formal wedding, the dresses can be shorter and made of a lighter material, like chiffon. However, many often prefer to wear long dresses made of a formal fabric, like satin.

Although it is increasingly usual for the bridesmaids to have some involvement in this choice, the bride typically chooses the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. As in many other nations, bridesmaid dresses in Australia are often picked to go with the bride’s gown. Online is the best place to start your search as a vast range is available. One can find some fantastic deals on bridesmaid dresses online.

Below are the factors to consider before purchasing a bridesmaid dress.


Only a suitable fabric can make the dress feel comfortable and look flattering. It is good to avoid fabrics that tend to cling to the body. Usually, in a formal wedding, fabrics like silks and satins are used. However, there are many other acclaimed fabrics as well. They are lace, chiffon, tulle, etc.


Depending on the season, bridesmaids are frequently required to wear a particular style to the wedding so that the colours and themes are more relevant and appropriate.

Typically, bridesmaids dress in neutral hues like browns and greens during the fall wedding season. Lighter shades like yellows and pinks are seen to be more acceptable for spring weddings. Pink and blue are popular summer colours, whereas black, grey, and white are popular winter colours for dresses.


Though there is no prescribed attire for bridesmaids, colour choice is crucial as different colours represent different virtues. For instance, dark green is a common colour choice for bridesmaid dresses in Australia.

People believe green is the perfect colour to symbolise the start of a new chapter in one’s life because it is frequently associated with luck and success. Other popular colours include white, cream, ivory, and pale pink.


Many different styles of bridesmaid dresses are available in the market today. To narrow down the choices, you can pick the style that can flatter your body shape. For instance, a tall bridesmaid can go with a long gown, and a curvy one can go strapless.

Choosing the right style can make one look their best. So, take a sweet time to know your body and choose the style. Many brands are now offering a variety of styles for you to purchase. Also, many stores in Australia offer free shipping for orders over 50 dollars. You can use this offer and buy dresses of different styles.


Though there are many styles, not everyone will be comfortable with any style. So, checking whether you are comfortable wearing a particular style is essential. Further, as a bridesmaid, you will be very busy on the wedding day. You have to be ready on time, attend to the guests, help them with their needs and show up fresh for the main event, the wedding. So, your outfit mustn’t disturb you in any way.

Thus, these are the top factors to consider to be the best bridesmaid ever. Make sure you do not compromise with any of the above factors to feel and look your best on a momentous occasion.

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