5 SEO Trends for Small Businesses

Since the pandemic, many small businesses flunked sales and went into bankruptcy due to the loss of walk-in customers. Because of this, online businesses have now become a trend. With so many fishes in the sea, the challenge now is to make your website stand out from the rest. 

We have to understand that SEO is a fast-paced industry. With yearly changes in algorithms and technologies, small businesses must keep up with the updates.

Top rank SEO company in Phoenix shared these 5 tips that will help you shine in the online business world.

Use of Right Keywords

It is advisable for small businesses to use long-tail keywords when publishing content. It helps you attract readers with a very specific search input. For example: instead of using “digital marketing” as a keyword, you can use “how digital marketing works”. This will lessen the competition and your site will have a higher chance of getting visitors thus, improve your SEO ranking. 

Video Content

Many searches nowadays are zero-click results (Zero-Click result happens when a suggested answer to a query is already on the search result page and no longer needed to go to the actual website) and because of this, SEO experts recommend small business owners to gear toward adding high quality and entertaining videos on your page.

According to a survey, 84% of individuals said that videos affected their decision of buying. 

Local SEO

Local SEO lets people know what products and services are available in their area. A marketing strategy that will reach not just online shoppers but also local buyers. This is a good tactic for small businesses as you make what you offer reachable to all potential buyers.

Just make sure to consistently update your local listings to avoid expectation versus reality moments. 

Mobile Friendliness

The projection shows that by 2025, around 75% of internet users will be on mobile devices. The more reason for small businesses to optimize their content to become mobile-friendly. But how do we know if our site is mobile-friendly enough? 

  1. Make sure that your website is light and loads quickly.
  2. Use large and readable fonts.
  3. Avoid having too many advertisements. 
  4. Buttons and images should be in the right placements. 
  5. No broken links.

Consult SEO Experts

Do you want your website to be well optimized but you don’t have the time and resources? It will be best if we leave it to the experts. Digital Marketing agencies help small businesses to improve their site ranks and increase traffic. And with the time you saved from all this process, you can use it to strategize how you can expand your business. A time and money well spent indeed.

Overall, being in the know of SEO trends is important to make your business succeed in the digital world. In this unpredictable environment, the one who’s tuned in to customers’ needs gets all the greatest gain.

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