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76 of Resumes Are Dismissed Because of This Mistake

Many job seekers make the mistake of writing their resume in the third person. While the third person may sound more formal, it can actually be counterproductive for your resume. Recruiters receive hundreds of applications each day. If you make the mistake of writing your resume in the third person, you will have a difficult time getting an interview. The following mistakes are common reasons why your resume may get rejected. Avoid them at all costs!

Grammatical or spelling mistakes are the number one resume mistake. In fact, 79 percent of recruiters say that grammatical or spelling mistakes are the number one reason why a resume gets rejected. Unprofessional email addresses are another common mistake. Employers are likely to dismiss 76 percent of resumes because of spelling and grammar errors. You can eliminate these mistakes by proofreading your resume and requesting a second opinion on it.

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