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CSGO Rank Distribution 2016

The CSGO rank distribution was radically changed a few years ago. Previously, the highest rank was only available to the best players, but now, only a handful of people are able to obtain it. The distribution is more even than before, but higher ranks are harder to get than ever. We took a closer look at the CSGO rank distribution for 2016.

There are a few important things to note when looking at a ranking distribution. You cannot check your ELO points, but there are several ways to predict where you should be. As of 2016, the average competitive player is Gold Nova 3. Over a third of competitive players fall somewhere between 1 and 4 Gold Nova, but a master guard is in the top 33%. Interestingly, the average player is a Gold Nova 3!

During a match, your CSGO rank will be displayed under your in-game name, under your username. This information is available to your teammates. A losing match will result in a loss in the rank. You can also lose points for poor play, a few rounds won, or even getting an MVP. But remember, the most important aspect of CS:GO is your team play. As such, your opponents will be watching you very closely.

As a result, the CSGO ranking distribution 2016 is changing. In some regions, the average player ranks are increasing in line with the Global Elite. For example, in the European region, almost 30% of players are in the Global Elite. The rest are in between 0.5 and one percent. By the time you reach Gold, only 0.78% of players will be in the Global Elite. The average CSGO rank will be different in each region.

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