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How to Cope With the Effects of Exam Stress

The effects of exam stress on memory are varied, but the study’s results suggest that mild punctual stress is associated with better retrieval and better consolidation phases of memory. Acute stressors impair both retrieval and consolidation. Cortisol and sympathetic activity are both strongly associated with memory-enhancing and memory-impairing effects. The findings from this study suggest that students who have experienced exam stress may benefit from avoiding future tests.

A study of 540,000 students from 72 countries showed that 55% of students report feeling nervous about exams. Exam preparation remains an important factor that affects learners’ engagement and revision strategies. Exam stress has a profound effect on students’ academic performance and overall wellbeing. There is no magic wand to get rid of exam stress, but it is possible to learn healthy techniques to cope with the effects of exam stress. Below are some ways to cope with exam stress.

First, students should get regular physical exercise. Exams are stressful for everyone. However, the effects of exam stress on young students may be different for different individuals. Students who are chronically ill may find it difficult to manage the pressure of exams. If you have a child with exam-related stress, you should discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher or parents. Understanding his or her perspective is important to help you help your child cope with the effects of exam stress.

Moreover, students who undergo examination stress report significantly higher levels of salivary cortisol and higher total energy intake than those who are not under examination-stress. In addition, students who experienced exam stress increased their saturated fat intake while those with low trait anxiety decreased their energy intake. Women who were taking oral contraceptives also reported higher total cholesterol levels in the exam-stress group. If you or a loved one is experiencing exam-related stress, it is crucial to provide them with relaxation programs and counseling services.

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