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How to Update the Huawei App Gallery

The Huawei App Gallery is a popular application market. Huawei phones use it as their main application store. From the app drawer, users can click on the Featured page to access the gallery. Then, they can type in the name of the app in the search bar located at the top. The list will show the application’s page, where they can click on the blue Install button to install it.

To manually update a single app, open the AppGallery in your phone’s browser. Then, open the Manager and tap on Updates. Enable the option that says Auto-update over Wi-Fi. The update will begin when your battery level reaches 30% and your phone is connected to Wi-Fi while charging. Some apps will recommend that you enable the feature. If you can’t do it manually, you can use an application manager to download a specific app.

Huawei has not fixed this vulnerability. The researchers contacted Huawei on February 8 and offered five weeks to fix the vulnerability, but Huawei did not respond for another 13 weeks. It is unclear why Huawei is not making the fix available to everyone yet. Nonetheless, it is a critical security feature for Huawei’s smartphones. The app gallery has hundreds of Android apps, and it can be downloaded on any Huawei device that supports Android.

The user’s device’s settings for synchronizing with the Administration Server will be sent by email. The administrator can also send the settings to the device by email or through the initial configuration wizard. Then, the user can configure the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android settings on the device. If they wish to install a new app, the administrator can send them through the email or by phone.

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