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The plot of Kickass consists of a teenager, Dave Lizewski, who is a comic book fan, ostracized by his peers, and a drug dealer. His dream is to become a superhero, but an accident causes him to suffer nerve damage. Eventually, he fights three men, resulting in a videotape of his exploits, which becomes an internet sensation. This is the story of his journey from normal teenager to superhero, and his journey to fame.

When he first started his career, Kick-Ass had no formal training or experience in fighting. He trained physically, but little else. After he met a woman named Hit-Girl, he began to learn the basic hand-to-hand combat. With the help of this woman, he became a more effective fighter. In addition, he developed his skills as a karate instructor.

While Kick-Ass was an unlikely hero, it still made a mark on comic book culture. Unlike many superhero movies and TV shows, the film is about comic book fanboys moonlighting as superheroes. Aaron Johnson’s character, Dave Lizewski, has an unlikely path to success, as he meets fellow teenagers Red Mist, Big Daddy, and Hit Girl. The series is based on the comic book “Ax-Crazy” series and is published by Marvel Comics. In the UK, it was serialized in CLiNT.

The kick-ass comic also makes us question whether or not real-life people should become superheroes. While real-life people do wear superhero costumes to patrol their neighborhoods, they fare about as well as Kick-Ass does. They get injured a lot, but they rarely face villains worse than purse-snatchers. There are many similarities between real life superheroes and comic book heroes. And, it’s no wonder that the kick-ass comic is such a success.

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